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Why Treating Tinnitus with Acupuncture & East-West Medicine is 91.9% Effective

Dr. John BarrettDr. Barrett is a professional member of the American Tinnitus Association. Dr. Barrett’s Treatment of Tinnitus with Acupuncture and East-West Functional Medicine means state of the art treatments that take advantage of both Western Scientific Advances and the Safe, Effective, Natural, and Self-Sustaining, Functional Approach of Eastern Medicine.  Eastern Functional Medicine includes Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine and is the only medicine in the world backed by 2,000 years of Written, Empirical Clinical Evidence to treat Tinnitus.  Recent clinical trials demonstrate the approach to be 91.9%% effective in treating Tinnitus.

Tinnitus is one of the most frustrating medical conditions to experience.  With uncontrollable nonstop ringing, buzzing and or hissing in the ears, and loss of hearing, life can become chaotic and completely dysfunctional.  Tinnitus and related hearing loss can be caused by any number of underlying conditions including ear problems, chronic health conditions, and injuries or conditions that affect the nerves in your ear or the hearing center in your brain.  According to the National Institute of Health, since there are many different factors contributing to tinnitus, currently no causal therapy exists in the realm of Western Medicine for treating tinnitus.  As a result, many patients are left hopeless and alone to deal with the relentless annoyance of tinnitus and hearing loss.

However, the Comprehensive Functional Approach of East-West Medicine and its wisdom of 2000 years of written clinical evidence for treating tinnitus and related hearing loss, recognizes the many different symptoms and causes of tinnitus and has established protocols for each.  Therefore, the treatment will vary from patient to patient accordingly.  The primary underlying causes of tinnitus are anxiety, stress, fatigue, poor circulation, poor lymphatic drainage, inflammation and poor nerve function.  The Comprehensive Functional Medicine Approach of East-West Medicine will examine and treat the core causes of each.  For example, current lifestyle and workstyle habits may lead to poor digestion, causing fatigue and malnourishment and invite inflammation, etc.  Additionally, an injury or hypertonic muscle tissue may be at the root.  Each patient is different.  See more information below under Dr. Barrett’s Comprehensive Approach.

The Functional Medicine Approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine is the only medicine in the world that has treated Tinnitus and related Hearing Loss naturally with the wisdom of 2000 years of written empirical clinical evidence.  Treatments may include Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Herbology, Diet & Nutrition, Exercise, and Stress Management. With 2000 years of wisdom applied with Traditional Chinese Medicine, treatments are natural, safe, effective, and self-sustaining.  Given the efficacy of treatments many patients have success with Dr. Barrett even after they have tried everything else.

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"Tinnitus Cure with Self-Care" by Dr. John Barrett - Soon to be published!

Soon to be published.  Dr. Barrett is currently in the process of writing this break through book to help you better understand, prevent, and treat tinnitus.

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Patient Testimonials Treating Tinnitus

Richard:  “I went to Dr. Barrett after my ENT said that there was nothing that could be done for my tinnitus. It was preventing me from sleeping and was incredibly annoying. Dr. Barrett helped me, and I am now over 95 % better. Many days, I am 100 % better. He’s very caring and explains things in a compassionate, helping manner. I am very lucky to have found him.”

Wilma J.: “I decided to get treated by Dr. Barrett for severe headaches and ringing in my ears. Upon diagnosis, he noted that my blood pressure was 190/ 90. Immediately, Dr. Barrett recommended that I see a doctor for western treatment. He then proceeded to treat me with acupuncture and herbs. During that first week my headaches stopped, and the ringing in my ears was minimal. I also followed up with Dr. Barrett’s recommendation to see a doctor and was given pharmaceuticals to control my blood pressure. Upon my next visit to Dr. Barrett, my blood pressure was down to 160/85. Although still high, Dr. Barrett was not so alarmed and suggested we continue to treat with Eastern Medicine in addition to Western Medicine. Dr. Barrett researched all the herbs and medications I was using to make sure they were compatible. Since the pharmaceuticals were causing me extreme side effects and fatigue, Dr. Barrett’s goal was to further reduce my blood pressure with Eastern Medicine, and while working with my MD, reduce my need for the pharmaceuticals. Dr. Barrett also recommended dietary changes and that I buy a blood pressure device to measure my blood pressure throughout the day. After three months, I no longer needed the western medication. After six months, I no longer need the Eastern Medicine herbal formula. This means a lot to me, as most people end up relying on medication to control blood pressure for the rest of their lives. Given the side effects, I do not know how I would have coped, as my quality of life and ability to perform my job would have deteriorated.”

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Clinical Trials Treating Tinnitus and Hearing Loss

Acupuncture Plus Herbs 91.9% Effective Rate Treating Tinnitus

References: Song SX, Wang CY, Yin CP. Randomized comparative research on Yishenrougantongluotang brew in treating nervous tinnitus J. Practical TCM Internal Medicine Journal, 2013, 27(3): 45-47.
Wang SJ. Clinical observation of integrative medicine in treating nervous tinnitus J. Hubei TCM University Journal, 2014, 16(2): 90-92.
Qu R, Gao SL. Clinical findings on TCM and western integrative medicine in treating nervous tinnitus J. Chinese TCM Journal, 2007, 10: 70-71.  et al.

Electro-Acupuncture Alone 89.6% Effective Rate Treating Tinnitus

References: Zhao Y & Xie XY. (2013). Treatment Efficiency Observation of Electro-acupuncture for 48 Cases of Nervous Tinnitus. Chinese Manipulation & Rehabilitation Medicine. 4(4).
Zhang XT, Yuan GL, Xu M, et al. (2002). The effects of acupuncture on inner Tinggong acupoint to brainstem evoked potentials on patients with sudden deafness. Journal of TCM. 43:68.
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Acupuncture More Effective Than Pharmaceuticals Treating Hearing Loss

Acupuncture, as a standalone therapy, achieved a 79.4% total effective rate.

Pharmaceutical Therapy, as a stand alone therapy achieved a 47.1% total effective rate.

Acupuncture Plus Pharmaceuticals Integrated Therapy achieved a 97.1% total effective rate.

References:  Liao W, Dai S, Jia JP, et al. (2015). Integrated Treatment of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and Western Medicine for Sudden Deafness of 34 Cases, Journal of Clinical Acupuncture and Moxibustion, Volume 31, No. 1.
Schreiber BE, Agrup C, Haskard DO, et al. (2010). Sudden sensorineural hearing loss, The Lancet, Volume 375, No. 9721, p1203–1211. et al.

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Dr. Barrett's Comprehensive Functional Approach

Being a Primary Care Physician with over 20 years clinical experience, having trained in China and the U.S., and over 15 years on staff at Cedars Sinai, Dr. Barrett specializes in complex medical conditions.  With his Comprehensive Functional Approach to East-West Medicine that is supported by over 2,000 years of empirical, clinical evidence in writing and the advantages of modern scientific research, he is prepared to provide you with state-of-the-art treatments that are safe, natural, and self-sustaining.  Dr. Barrett will dedicate as much time as necessary to review with you, face to face, your complete medical history, all current medical concerns, a comprehensive treatment plan in terms of both Eastern and Western Medicine, and a self-sustainable Wellness Track™.

Dr Barrett’s Comprehensive Functional Approach to East-West Medicine treats your condition and the factors that caused your condition.  One advantage to Dr. Barrett’s approach is his skill developed in Traditional Diagnostic Methods based on Observation, Inquiry, and Palpation that many times can provide more clinical data than weeks of lab testing.  This allows same day diagnosis and treatments that can at times provide cures before lab data can be obtained.  Dr. Barrett offers comprehensive Acupuncture treatments with a functional medical approach for increased effectiveness. Dr. Barrett may offer you a custom herbal formula based on the wisdom and 2,000 years of written clinical evidence of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Dr. Barrett will discuss Diet & Nutrition and how to use food as medicine.  Based on his recently published book, Caveman Bodies in a Corporate Jungle, he will mentor you on managing the demands of your career, family life, lifestyle, workstyle, and how to maintain a positive attitude.  If necessary, he will discuss the benefits of genome medicine and Western forms of functional medicine.

Dr. Barrett performs annual physicals, orders blood tests, lab tests, DNA profiles, ultrasounds, x-rays, and MRIs.  With his office in the Century City Medical Plaza and being on staff at Cedars Sinai, his referral network includes some of the best physicians in Los Angeles.  Dr. Barrett understands western pharmaceuticals and their compatibility with herbal medicines. He can explain the nature of your disease through the eyes of both Western Medicine and Eastern Medicine. Whether you suffer from a serious disease, pain, or are simply trying to become pregnant, he can help. Seeing Dr. John Barrett means state of the art treatments and a most comprehensive functional approach to East-West Medicine.

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Your Sustainable Wellness Track™

Even the best and the brightest can use guidance in achieving and maintaining new levels of wellness.  After treating your high priority health issues, Dr. Barrett recommends staying well with a personalized Wellness Track™ to address other health conditions.  This could mean improving digestion, sleep, relaxation, skin, vision, weight-loss, etc.

A Wellness Track™ carves out time for self-nourishment and time management to address your health and wellness.  A Wellness Track™ with Dr. Barrett will tap into the wisdom of his 35 years of global corporate and medical experience for mentoring. coaching, and motivating for lifestyle and work-style improvements.  Given Dr. Barrett’s unique background, you can be sure his words of advice are from real life experiences and not a training manual or theoretical concepts.

A Wellness Track™ means a better quality life with longevity.  A Wellness Track can be as simple as one office visit a month for a health check, wellness goal setting, bench marking achievements, self-care instructions to achieve goals, and an optional wellness treatment or wellness herb formula.  A Wellness Track™ means staying on top of your game and achieving the most in life.

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Have Specific Questions About Tinnitus?

Dr. Barrett specializes in difficult cases.  If you have any questions regarding your specific condition, use the links below to take advantage of Dr. Barrett’s FREE telephone consultation.  He will be happy to answer any questions and help guide you to the best care possible.

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Caveman Bodies in a Corporate Jungle: How to stay healthy while excelling in a work environment

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Caveman Bodies in a Corporate Jungle:  How to Stay Healthy While Excelling in a Work Environment
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