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About Dr. John Barrett

The Teacher

The traditional definition of the word Doctor means teacher. In the true sense of the word Dr. Barrett is a teacher. Given his diverse background and the wisdom he shares he goes beyond simply treating medical symptoms.  His passion for providing care includes teaching and coaching patients from his vast life experience working globally. Whether you need help with your health and wellbeing or need advice dealing with the challenges of life, relationships, family, school, or career, Dr. Barrett can help.  Whether you are just starting a new venture or have achieved the status of a Senior Executive, Dr. Barrett can relate to you and give advise based on his personal experiences and vast accumulated knowledge and wisdom. Truly he has earned the title of Doctor.

Corporate Consultant

For over a decade prior to his medical practice, Dr. Barrett worked globally as a Corporate Consultant helping clients with their financial and operational wellness. As explained in his recently published book, Caveman Bodies in a Corporate Jungle: How to stay healthy while excelling in a work environment, Dr. Barrett realized that corporations are more than legal entities, they are groups of people working as a team. He also realized that in order for corporate finances and operations to be healthy, the people that work within must be healthy and motivated. Being from a healthcare oriented family, he found he had a strong passion for the health of individuals and a passion to motivate them.  That’s when he took a big leap of faith and became a healthcare practitioner.  His experience in the corporate world gives him the advantage of understanding first hand the stresses his patients work under. This background allows him to give realistic advice on self-care and wellness.

Primary Healthcare Provider

With decades of experience, as a primary care medical provider, Dr. John Barrett is proud to offer a most comprehensive approach to East-West Medicine in Los Angeles. Dr Barrett’s education and healthcare qualifications include the following:

  • Medical Director of East-West Medicine at The Acupuncture Wellness Center (TAWC) in the Century City Medical Plaza of Los Angles
  • Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbologist – California
  • Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine – Rhode Island
  • Member of staff at Cedars Sinai Medical Center – Los Angeles CA
  • Certified in treating whiplash and managing acute and chronic cervical sprain/strain injuries and pain. – Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine – CSOMA
  • Post Graduate Studies in Orthopedics and Manipulative Therapies – Beijing University Teaching Hospital – Beijing, China
  • Post Graduate Studies in Acupuncture and Moxibustion – Beijing University Teaching Hospital – Beijing, China
  • Certified in treating Infertility and Gynecology with Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine – California University of Complementary Medicine – Los Angeles
  • Certified in treating Ophthalmologic Eye Disorders – CMA 48 Certification Program
  • Post Graduate Studies in Acupuncture Facelifts and Dermatology with Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine under Dr. Brian M. Kinney, M.D. and Merle Morgan-Grange, L.Ac. of the Mind, Body, Spirit Institute at the University of California – Los Angeles
  • Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Internship – Los Angeles Free Clinic
  • Master of Traditional Oriental Medicine(Magna Cum Laude) – Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine – Los Angeles
  • Bachelor of Science(Cum Laude) – Boston College

Corporate Wellness Provider

Dr. Barrett had a successful career consulting globally for Deloitte, Fortune 500 corporations, and many privately-owned companies prior to pursuing his passion in medicine.  Now, with an additional two decades of diagnosing and treating corporate employees with East-West Medicine, Dr. Barrett has noted that most patients are overexposed to stress and irregular eating habits.  The long term effect of both is premature aging and illness.  For some it may be back or neck pain, while for others it could be migraines, insomnia, infertility, obesity, digestive problems or even something fatal such as a heart attack, stroke or cancer.  Dr. Barrett instructs his patients on effective ways of managing stress, healthy diets and fitting exercise into their busy schedules.  The clinical results he has noted are remarkable.

As a former member of corporate management, Dr. Barrett has firsthand knowledge of excellent work habits necessary for achieving success in such an environment.  When managed, success can breed positivity and good health, and vice-versa.  His extensive and diverse experience qualifies him to teach you how to integrate both so you can achieve the ultimate state of health while excelling in your corporate environment.  The Caveman Bodies in a Corporate Jungle® Wellness Track™ and recently published book are designed to ultimately increase productivity, job satisfaction and decrease healthcare and disability costs.  This is truly a unique and innovative approach producing a win: win scenario for the corporation, its employees, and humanity.

Caveman Bodies in a Corporate Jungle: How to stay healthy while excelling in a work environment

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