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Dr. Barrett's Corporate Consulting Background

Dr. Barrett has truly earned the right to call himself both a highly qualified Corporate Consultant and a Medical Consultant. Dr. Barrett has over 35 years combined experience of providing advice to Corporations for better and more efficient operations and to individuals for better and more enhanced health and wellness. Dr. Barrett’s primary corporate consulting experience comes from working globally with Deloitte. Subsequently, he was president of his own firm, Effective Business Solutions, Inc. During his tenure as a consultant Dr. Barrett has worked with over 100 corporate clients including the following:

CAP Gemini – PriceWaterhouseCoopers -Accenture – Boeing – AIG – Mitre Corp – ThomsonReuters – Royal Sun Alliance Insurance – Relax The Back – British Telecom – Floweserve Corp – Bank of America – Meryl Lynch – Sony Studios – NBC – Paramount Studios – Insurance Company of the West – KaiserPermanente – Northrop Grumman

Some projects were a few months while others went on over a year. Most projects included

  1. Gaining an understanding for the Corporate culture and their systems of operations;
  2. Identifying opportunities for improvements;
  3. Setting up realistic goals and a timeline for implementing changes; and
  4. Managing the project through to completion.

Naturally, no project went perfectly as planned and it was necessary to be resourceful and creative in implementing work around solutions. During his tenure as a corporate consultant, Dr. Barrett earned the respect of many Fortune 500 management teams. Dr. Barrett’s specialties were Post Merger Integration, IT System Implementions, Enterprise Resource Management, Value-Added Management and his methodology of Total Cost Control™.

Dr. Barrett's Transferred Skills As a Medical Consultant

All of these skills and experience have proven to be transferable and contributes to Dr. Barrett’s success as a Medical Consultant for either diagnosing and prescribing treatments, coaching, motivating patients, and in custom designing and implementing individual and corporate wellness programs. Whether treating a patient or designing a wellness program, the primary priority is to “gain an understanding”.

Too many approaches to medicine and wellness treat every situation the same. However from his vast experience, Dr. Barrett knows it is in gaining an understanding that gives him the ability to provide excellent and successful services. Simultaneously Dr. Barrett knows the importance of benchmarking the current level of any condition. This enables specific and focused areas to be identified for strategic attention. These focused areas tend to be the “sweet spots” that when addressed can spontaneously resolve secondary conditions. Simultaneously, Dr. Barrett’s enthusiasm and insights can provide the necessary patience, fortitude and motivation to see a treatment plan or wellness plan through to completion and ongoing care and operations. Given his “seen it all” level of experience gives him the confidence and experience to maintain a calm and focused path to success amidst unforeseen adversity. It is the above years of diverse experience that give Dr. Barrett the wealth of knowledge to succeed in his current endeavors.

Whether you want a medical consultation and treatment for a medical condition that has other doctors puzzled; want to put yourself on a wellness track for continuous enhancement and enjoyment of life; or you would like to design and implement a Corporate Wellness plan for your company, Dr. Barrett is ready to help.

Corporate Client Testimonials

A. Ross Currie, Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, CAP Gemini

“John Barrett worked as an overseas liaison to our CODA systems implementation team. CODA is an online financial and management information package which we have networked throughout our global organization.

John proved to be a very valuable asset to our team. I was impressed by his ability to quickly learn and understand the complex operations of our former batch system and design the most practical approach  in applying the capabilities of our new system. John’s technical knowledge, interpersonal skills, organization and determination were instrumental in coordinating and completing a complicated task in an unstructured, multi-cultural environment.

John’s multifaceted knowledge and skills proved to be invaluable. His ability to speak Spanish greatly facilitates our implementation in Spain. Although Spain appeared to be our most difficult implementation environment, John was responsible for turning the situation around so that Spain was the first country to be brought on-line.

While working with John, I felt confident that he could be relied upon to complete the most complicated tasks. He was a pleasure to work with and based on his achievements, I strongly recommend John as a consultant.”

Thomas E. Pospisil, Regional Financial Director, Northeast Region, Price Waterhouse LLP

“I would like to express my appreciation for the help you provided to the Boston office of Price Waterhouse LLP. You came into a difficult environment, where we were transferring the accounting operation from the Boston office to the Hackensack, New Jersey office, and most of the staff had decided not to transfer to Hackensack.

Your help in reconciling the employee expense advance account, the bank account, and working with the PW staff on their reconciled expense advance balances was greatly appreciated.  I would like to wish you the best on your next engagement.”

Thomas C. McLellan, Vice President and Controller, Thompson Financial Services

“Now that your work with TFS is nearing completion, I would like to take this time to thank you for your help, and provide this testimonial for reference in your future engagements.

There were several business issues in which I asked you to become involved, of which the most notable are:

  1. Report improvements to reflect the organization of the company, in an environment that had been very much undefined.
  2. Enhanced intercompany accounting and invoicing techniques, among a very decentralized group of organizations.
  3. Policies and procedures to create uniformity among the group’s management of foreign exchange exposure.

While the issues involved were diverse, you consistently demonstrated a sound approach to the problem analysis, and prepared quality documentation and presentation materials used by the group In problem-solving sessions. In all cases you won the respect and consensus of the staff, making the solutions easy to implement. You also demonstrated a large appetite for detail problem-solving, especially related to complex and technical issues such as foreign exchange.

I would recommend you enthusiastically to anyone having similar reporting, transactional, or process problems. Your service was consistently high quality, and very reliable.

Thank you again for your help.”

Richard G.. Schaff, General Manager – Finance, IGT (Australia) Pty. Limited

“This letter is written as a recommendation for John Barrett.

As a client of Deloitte, I had the pleasure of having John serve as “Senior” for the IGT (Australia) Pty. Limited financial audit.

John not only ran the audit efficiently, but was able to supply excellent advice with regard to both financial accounting and internal control procedures. It was organized and very professional in his approach to both senior management and members of our workforce. Being a former Deloitte auditor in the US, I would classify this audit as difficult due to the prior lack of audit trails within the system, the closeness of the deadlines in relation to the year-end, and the fact that it was a first year audit for Deloitte. In my opinion John was able to fulfill his audit objections by modifying his audit approach to fit our circumstances and did an excellent job in learning about our company, its procedures and its products, whilst fulfilling the demands we placed on Deloitte.

Because of John’s abilities, Deloitte is held in highest regard by IGT Australia PTY Limited. As can be inferred from the above I not only hold John in the highest regard but highly recommend him and firmly believe he would be an asset to any organization.”

Oliver Reichert, Associate Director – Finance, Oceanic Capital Corporation Limited

“John Barrett was a Senior in the Deloitte audit team which carried out the year end audit of Oceanic Capital Corporation Group.

Throughout his dealings with Oceanic, John conducted himself in a professional manner, impressing both with his technical knowledge, and more particularly, his considerable people skills. During a time of tight deadlines he conducted his part of the audit smoothly, commanding the respect of all the Oceanic staff he needed to deal with.

From a client’s point of view, it was a pleasure to work with John, and consequently I have no hesitation in recommending John Barrett to anyone seeking a person with these attributes.”

Caveman Bodies in a Corporate Jungle: How to stay healthy while excelling in a work environment

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