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Corporate Wellness

Corporate vs. Individually Cultivated Organic Wellness

Wellness is when you are enjoying life in a self sustainable manner with the ability and resources to absorb, process, and grow from life’s challenges and emotional ups and downs.  The best way to achieve wellness is organically with the lifestyle and workstyle best practices as discussed in Dr. Barrett’s recently published book, Caveman Bodies in a Corporate Jungle: How to stay healthy while excelling in a work environment. These best practices allow you to organically avoid emotional extremes that can interrupt homeostasis or an optimally functioning central nervous system.

Although you are ultimately responsible for maintaining your individual state of wellness, it helps to be surrounded by an environment where the process is welcomed and supported. Therefore, wellness can be divided into two categories, individual wellness and corporate wellness. One thrives upon the other. Caveman Bodies in a Corporate Jungle offers a framework to organically cultivate and sustain both Individual Wellness and Corporate Wellness.  Dr. Barrett’s 35 years combined experience in corporate life and as a medical practitioner, qualify him as the ultimate Consultant to help you implement the program best for you and/or your organization.

Benefits of an Organically Cultivated Corporate Wellness Plan

An Organically Cultivated Wellness Plan designed by Dr. Barrett Offers Low Startup Costs with Unlimited Benefits to Your Bottom Line Profits Including:

• Lower healthcare costs, worker injuries and disability payouts
• Lower employee turnover and associated costs
• Increased productivity and sense of community at work
• Increased pride, fullfillment, and sense of responsibility by employees

The Linear Approach to Corporate Wellness

Many Corporate Wellness plans have a linear approach with a limited success potential. A linear approach may focus on giving everyone a physical. Based on the results employees are either given a bonus in cash if they pass the physical or provided with “coaching” or instructions on how to improve health and hopefully pass the exam and receive a bonus the next year.

Other linear approaches may focus on managing and accommodating patients with high cost driving illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. Although these plans may offer savings, they do not address the main issues that may have led to these illnesses in order to avoid the next generation of workers from having the same occurrences. For example, what good does it do someone to learn to eat right and manage weight if their boss’s methodology is to motivate through fear? Although they may pass their physical and earn a bonus, this type of environment will eventually lead to promoting additional health problems like migraine headaches, stomach ulcers and insomnia. This could lead to low productivity, wasted resources and low employee moral resulting in costly sick pay, employee injuries, disabilities and employee turnover.

A linear approach is limited as it focuses mostly on a narrow scope lifestyle changes and may ignore vital workstyle changes. Additionally, studies show that the linear approach fails to engage the employs at any depth and therefore has limited success in cultivating a wellness environment, and cost savings tend to plateau after a year or so.

Dr. Barrett's Organically Cultivated, Multi-level, Multifaceted Approach

Dr. Barrett has developed a multil-level, multifaceted methodology to implementing Corporate Wellness plans.  His methodolgy is unique in that it focuses on both lifestyle and workstyle best practices.  Dr. Barrett’s approach organically cultivates wellness into the culture of your organization. Cultivation of wellness into a corporate culture with both lifestyle and workstyle improvements has the potential to attain much higher peaks of success for the individual and the company and is not likely to plateau. Working on wellness as a culture harnesses a team approach and results are exponentially more successful. Such an approach can be more cost effective and customized for each corporation.

Dr. Barrett’s methodology of cultivation follows a framework set forth in his recently published book Caveman Bodies in a Corporate Jungle: How to stay healthy while excelling in a work environment. This multifaceted approach addresses human evolution and the fact the corporate environment is not necessarily the environment we have evolved to thrive in. Accordingly, Dr. Barrett points out the vulnerable aspects of a corporate environment and simple solutions to minimize their effects.

This framework not only educates employees on how to maintain health by stress management and a balanced diet, but has a top down approach by educating management on methods to make things easier for employees to do this. Further, the framework educates management and staff on how to proactively minimize stress through good work skills. These skills include time management, communication, teamwork, organization skills, cognitive skills, memory, maintaining passion, managing change, and maintaining a positive and winning attitude. Dr. Barrett’s approach is a win:win all around.

This framework can be customized for your company. Customization can be determined by current benchmarking of wellness by examining health cost drivers and assessing your organization’s current culture. Next, goals will be set up and metrics placed to assess progress. Dr. Barrett’s methodology works organically by raising wellness awareness through discussions and workshops with coworkers that builds a team approach to wellness. The possibilities, benefits and savings are endless.  Depending upon goals, time, and resources available, Dr. Barrett’s approach can be implemented at 3 levels.

Level 1: Engage Employees in Wellness with a Book Gift

Depending upon goals, time, and resources available, Dr. Barrett’s approach can be implemented at 3 levels.

Level 1. Purchase copies of Caveman Bodies in a Corporate Jungle: How to stay healthy while excellent in a work environment for each employee. The book is available in paperback, e-book and audio version. The advantage of this approach is that managers and staff can educate themselves in their down time, while commuting or while relaxing at home. The cost of a Level 1 approach is minimal and it will raise awareness of what can be done to improve wellness and all its benefits. It will also encourage casual discussions on the related topics leading to positive changes in life and work styles. A Level 1 approach will increase wellness, moral and producivity while discouraging sick leave and heath issues. It may encourage and give a strong incentive to implement a higher level of implementation.

Level 2: Enhance Engagement with Workshops

Depending upon goals, time, and resources available, Dr. Barrett’s approach can be implemented at 3 levels.

Level 2. This level includes all aspects of Level 1. and includes workshops to promote a higher level of discussion and implementation of the policies. Workshops allow for interpersonal exchange of the information and allows for group consensus’s to be established. This can lead to an even higher level and more effective positive changes in life and work styles.

Level 3: Promote Continuous Engagement with Focused Workshops

Depending upon goals, time, and resources available, Dr. Barrett’s approach can be implemented at 3 levels.

Level 3. This is the most structured approach and includes benchmarking current levels of wellness and costs of healthcare, worker injuries and disability costs. Cost drivers are identified along with methodologies to minimize them. Goals with a clear timeline for achieving them are set. Results are analyzed and the process proceeds as a continuous improvement program. Level 3 requires a top down commitment from the Chief Executive Officer to be truly effective. Naturally, this level will be the most effective at promoting positive changes for healthcare savings and increase productivity and moral in the work place.

The above levels can be customized to meet your company’s budget and goals. For example, benchmarking of current wellness levels, analyzation of results and a continuous improvement plan approach can be implemented at any level.

Decrease Healthcare Costs, Sick Pay, Disability Costs, and Attrition Rate by 10-40%

Are you ready to see your company evolve? Are you prepared to provide your employees the experiencial knowledge to make the transformation happen. As outlined in my book, between my tenure at Deloitte and Cedars Sinai, I have the depth of knowledge to make it your reality. Interested?

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Caveman Bodies in a Corporate Jungle: How to stay healthy while excelling in a work environment

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