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Pain & Rehabilitation

Why Acupuncture and East-West Medicine are 97% Effective Treating Injuries and Pain

Pain & Rehabilitation are one of the most successful applications of Acupuncture and East-West Medicine.  The World Health Organazation recognizes it to be twice as effective as physical therapy.  Given the Functional Medicine Approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine from the East, the East-West approach offers many advantages.  One advantage is the Traditional Diagnostic Methods that are empirically supported by over 2,000 years of documented clinical evidence-based results to support the diagnosis and treatment of pain and the underlying cause.  Pain can be caused by an interruption in blood circulation, an over stimulation of nerve conduction caused by an injury, accident, over-use, inflammation, surgery, or an infection. Pain can also be caused by adhesions putting traction on a nerve.  Often, inadequate blood circulation can be a key factor in preventing lasting pain relief and can limit 100% rehabilitation.  Traditional Diagnostic Methods can offer empirical based clinical data regarding circulation, lymphatic drainage, quality of blood, stress levels, and levels of inflammation that can interrupt blood circulation, perpetuate pain and limit rehabilitation.  By using Traditional Diagnostic Methods pain can be significantly reduced and even eliminated before X-Rays, MRI’s and further lab data can be completed.  In addition, the clinical data obtained with both East and West diagnoses can be key to achieving 100% rehabilitation.  East-West Clinical Data and treatment plans can be useful for a truly Functional Medicine Approach offering state of the art treatments for Pain & Rehabilitation.  Some of the most common forms of pain successfully treated with East-West Functional Medicine are:

•    Lower Back Pain
•    Sciatica
•    Shoulder and Neck Pain
•    Migraine and Tension Headaches
•    TMJ Pain
•    Knee Pain
•    Carpal Tunnel Pain
•    Pain from Plantar Fasciitis
•    Pain from Injuries
•    Pain from Whiplash and Auto Accidents
•    Post Surgical Pain & Numbness
•    Bunion Pain

Treating pain with East-West Medicine and a Functional Medicine Approach with Traditional Chinese Medicine may include Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Herbs, Cupping, Physical Medicine, Medical Qi Gong, Diet and Nutriton, and Self-Care Instructions. In addition to utilizing clinical Western Medicine data and images, treating pain with Traditional Chinese Medicine is proven to be at least twice as effective as conventional physical therapies, is safe, natural and self-sustaining.

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Patient Testimonials

Treating Lower Back Pain with Acupuncture and Cupping Therapy
Louise, MD, Age 29: “As a training surgeon, my recurrent back pains were a big concern to me. Based on a comprehensive analysis of my symptoms, Dr. Barrett boosted my energy levels and my back problems are now completely gone. Louise,MD “

Treating Lower Back Pain with Acupuncture and Cupping Therapy
Lisa, Age 52: “Dr. Barrett, Thank you. My lower back pain is 100% healed. I am delirious. Lisa”

Treating Hand Pain with Acupuncture and Cupping Therapy
Agnes, Age 30: “Good Morning Dr. Barrett, I just wanted to thank you. The pain in my hand has gone away. You are a miracle worker. Have a fantastic weekend! Agnes”

Treating Lower Back Pain with Acupuncture and Cupping Therapy
Craig, Age 36: “Dr. Barrett helped me with a lower back injury from basketball. After the injury my back was stiff. The next day it grew worse, and it became visibly noticeable that I was not walking normally. I immediately scheduled an appointment with Dr. Barrett. I am not quite sure how needles in my hands and knees cure a back injury but, Dr. Barrett was able to relieve the stiffness and restore my range of motion with one treatment. I was about 75% better immediately after his treatment and 100% better the next day.”

Treating Neck Back Pain with Acupuncture and Cupping Therapy
Tom, Age 40: “From spending a lot of time on the phone for my job, my neck became very sensitive with some dull aching and stiffness. One weekend, after stacking a cord of wood, my neck became extremely painful and stiff. However, I had to travel to Los Angeles for a business trip on Monday morning. Upon arrival, I could barely move my head. I thought the trip was a waste until my business contact referred me to Dr. Barrett in Century City. Dr. Barrett was able to see me that day and after one treatment I felt a 70 percent relief of pain and was able to complete my trip”

Treating Lower Neck and Shoulder Pain with Acupuncture and Cupping Therapy
Jeanette, Age 40: “A friend recommended me to Dr. Barrett for severe neck and shoulder pain. Dr. Barrett was able to give me 100% relief after two treatments. Dr. Barrett further explained that tight muscles can contribute to misalignment of the vertebrae which can then lead to bone spurs and severe pain twenty years from now. He gave me a list of yoga stretches to do on a daily basis. I followed his instructions and have been free of pain ever since.”

Treating Post Surgical Pain with Acupuncture and Cupping Therapy
Susanne, Age 47: “After having reconstructive surgery done on my nose, I began to experience severe sinus pain. Being referred to Dr. Barrett by my primary care physician, I was willing to try acupuncture. To my surprise after three treatments with Dr. Barrett my pain was reduced to nothing. Being a skeptic, I was greatly pleased with the results of acupuncture.”

Treating Paralysis, Cranial Fractures, Post Surgical Recovery with Acupuncture and Cupping Therapy
Lauren, Age 35: “John is my second acupuncturist. After a horse riding accident which left my face drooping, partially paralyzed and fractured in nine places, I had to be rushed for immediate reconstructive surgery. After a miraculous surgery, I still suffered from paralysis, numbness and lack of muscle tone on the left side of my face. Luckily my surgeon Dr. Brian Kinney, shares office space with John and referred me for acupuncture and herbal treatments. John carefully took the time to review the complexity of my surgery with Dr. Kinney as to completely understand the physical problems from a neuromuscular standpoint. He then quickly combined this with his amazing knowledge of the energetics of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He had me taking Chinese herbal formulas orally and applying them topically to minimize scar tissue and promote circulation. He also applied acupuncture directly to my face and other parts of my body. As John explained, he was not just healing my face, but enhancing wellness of my body, mind and spirit to promote the best healing process. It worked!!!! Through John’s skillful care, I was able to avoid two further surgeries and completely restore feeling and muscle tone to my face. Most people are amazed as you cannot tell anything ever happened. I feel I have experienced a miracle in the healing process subsequent to such a traumatic injury. I highly recommend John as anyone’s healthcare provider.”

Treating Bells Palsy, Facial Paralysis with Acupuncture and Cupping Therapy
Tara, Age 72: “Dr .Barrett is kind and compassionate. Suffering from bells palsy and facial paralysis, I was referred to Dr. Barrett. He assured me I should not worry as he had treated several similar cases, all with success. This confidence and compassion were reassuring in the intervening period throughout my treatments. Since I frequently speak in public, I was acutely conscious about my appearance, and my ability to speak clearly. Due to Dr. Barrett’s knowledge and effective treatments, I was able to eat, drink fluids and speak clearly. Most signs of any paralysis significantly disappeared and my life has returned to normal. I highly recommend Dr. Barrett, without reservations, to anyone needing a caring and skilled acupuncturist.”

Treating Osteoporosis of the hips with Acupuncture and Cupping Therapy
Jeff, Age 56: “John Barrett is unique for a health care professional in that he’s had a previous career in business. This background enables him to understand the stresses and challenges of business people who are his patients. Furthermore, the fact that he made the transition to TOM out of choice from a strong career, underscores his commitment to the field. John is an excellent and empathetic listener, who interacts with me to tailor the treatment to my specific issues and objectives. One of my health challenges is osteoarthritis of both hips. Although I have been pursuing other non-traditional modalities (e.g., Feldenkrais, Pilates, etc.), after working with John through both acupuncture and herbal medicine for approximately two months, my condition is 90% to 95% improved..”

Treating Foot Pain with Acupuncture and Cupping Therapy
Jont, Age 26: “Dr. Barrett is not just an incredible doctor, but he’s also the reason I believe in acupuncture as a healing practice. Over the past four years I’ve been dealing with an intense arch pain in my left foot. I was all but ready to give up and just deal with the pain for the rest of my life. However, a couple of months ago, I started visiting his office. After the first few appointments I noticed that my foot was beginning to feel better and the tightness and tenderness that I experience in my arch went away for long periods of time. Whenever it does pop back up, I go back to him and usually book in a 3 to 6 session package. Besides helping me with my pain, Dr. Barrett is also just a really great guy. We have great conversations and discuss more than just the pain I’m suffering, which makes me feel like he cares about me as a patient and as a human being. His staff at the front desk, Christine and Natalie, are sweet as can be and always extremely accommodating to my hectic schedule. They even give me tea at the end of each session! It’s all so amazing. One thing Dr. Barrett does that sets him apart from other acupuncturists is his use of stim on my foot and other parts of my body. This increases blood flow to the areas of pain and really makes me feel like I’m getting a lot out of each treatment. He’s not just another acupuncturist. He is certainly the best acupuncturist I’ve ever been to. I cannot recommend him enough.”

Treating Whiplash, Auto-injury with Acupuncture and Cupping Therapy
Brian, Age 46: “John Barrett has been a miracle worker for my client. I had a young woman who was in a very serious car accident. She had tried several forms of Western medicine but nothing seemed to help. She was constantly in pain and was at her wits end. She decided to give acupuncture a chance and she was so happy she did. John’s office gave her diligent and careful treatment and helped relieve her pain tremendously. Since then I have referred other clients to him and have only heard good things. I will keep on our short list of referrals. Thanks!”

Treating Whiplash, Auto-injury with Acupuncture and Cupping Therapy
Asia, Age 28: “I’d received a referral from my orthopedist, Dr. Robert Spektor, (whom I love even more for telling me about Dr. Barrett), and I’d promptly dropped by his office to set up an appointment. His friendly and lovely staff gave me the information I sought and was confident I’d feel better after seeing him. Having lived in Asia for over 2 decades and worked in the spa industry for years, I’ve learned a lot about the benefits of herbs, acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. But nothing convinces me more than the sessions I have with Dr. Barrett. I was giggling and giddy with happiness at the end of my first session. For the first time in 10 months since I’d been rear-ended on the freeway and totaled my car, I was free from pain. I have a couple of herniated discs in my neck and lower back and haven’t been able to engage in physical activities such as hiking or going to the gym etc., all the things I love and took for granted. Dr. Barrett gives me hope that I will once again be able to lead an active lifestyle. I hadn’t been able to sleep without waking up in the middle of the night from the pain and yet the night of that wonderful day when I first tried acupuncture, I slept like a baby, and I’ve had uninterrupted sleep since then. I couldn’t believe it when I woke up the next day. I remember crying from sheer relief and gratitude. I even canceled my appointment for an epidural lumbar cortisone shot because I no longer needed it. Dr. Barrett is brilliant. Period. What I love about him is that he explains how everything is inter-connected and addresses everything that contributes to your ailments. He has a holistic approach, gives you in-depth analyses on what you’re experiencing and offers guidance to live in a way that fosters healing and promotes one’s well-being. Do yourself a favor and experience acupuncture with Dr. Barrett. Everyone deserves to feel physically, mentally and emotionally better. Each time I leave, I have clarity in my mind, peace in my soul and joy in my heart. My body feels new and nothing can ruin my day. Thank you, Dr. Barrett, for sharing your wisdom, knowledge and gift of healing. I could never thank you enough for all that you do.”

Treating Back Pain with Acupuncture and Cupping Therapy
Jihan, Age 52: “I have a moderately herniated disc @ L5/S1. I have already undergone 2 epidural injections to help me with my LBP and Sciatica. Unfortunately they don’t last. Well this time I decided to try acupuncture and found John. Let me tell you something, JOHN IS THE REAL DEAL! My pain was gone from the very 1st session and I’ve been pain free ever since (4wks & counting). He also taught me how to stretch and how to improve my eating. I’ve lost 3 lbs. and I feel great! Just go. You’ll be glad that you did. The office is so well-appointed and his office assistant Natalie is a doll! And I just love the treatment rooms. John turns down the lights, lights the candles, gives me my lavender oil aroma stick, turns on the heat lamp then cues up my favorite CD “Spirit Wind” by Richard Warner. I even bought a copy to play at home! LOL! It’s the closest to bliss that you’ll ever feel in a doctor’s office.”

Treating Back Pain with Acupuncture and Cupping Therapy
Michael, Age 37: “Excellent doctor. I have had 5 treatments with Dr. Barrett for my chronic back pain and he has helped feel much better again. I would recommend him to anyone looking for the best Acupuncture in Los Angeles.”

Treating Post-Surgery Shoulder Pain with Acupuncture and Cupping Therapy
Gladys, Age 39: “Dr. Barrett, is the only Doctor that actually has listen to what I had to say. He took the time on my first visit to ask many question about me! He was able to relive my post-surgery shoulder pain. Dr. Barrett guided me to a better way of living through exercise and eating the best foods for me. I will be going to Dr. Barrett for any other issues I have in the future.”

Treating Back and Neck Pain with Acupuncture and Cupping Therapy
Jared, Age 27: “I went in two days ago for back and neck pain. I am not in pain right now, despite having been in pain right now, despite having been in pain continuously for months, so I’m giving this business five stars. I’m sure I’ll be in pain again, perhaps sooner than later. I know this is just the nature of an injury; it takes time to heal, and anything I get from an hour-long session is just going to be temporary relief. With that in mind, I’m pleased that part of my diagnosis and treatment included an analysis and nutritional recommendations. So instead of just treating the pain in the short term, I was also given a way to work on the long term healing aspect of these injuries. My experience with the medical community has mostly involved prescription pain killers and anti-inflammatory meds, coupled with the advice that I quit my sport and athletic pursuits and take up recreational walking. My experience with chiropractic care has generally been more positive, but the adjustments, despite usually providing short term relief, also seem to fade quickly, and they occasionally still end with me walking out in more pain than what I was experiencing when I went into the place. So the medical approach has been unproductive and unintelligent, while the chiropractic approach has just made me more dependent on chiropractic care. I’d rather be told to address the problem (not just the symptoms) through long term diet and lifestyle changes. And that’s what I got from my trip to Barrett’s office, along with two days (so far) of relief from pain. That’s what I was hoping for, so I’m pleased with the experience and I highly recommend this.”

Treating Finger, Tendonitis, and Tennis Elbow with Acupuncture and Cupping Therapy
Susie, Age 57: “I’ve always been very skeptical when it comes to acupuncture until I actually had it done to me by Dr. Barrett in 2005. I had “trigger” fingers on both hands and after having surgery to correct the “locking”, the knuckles of my middle fingers on both hands were bruised and would not straighten out. I consulted Dr. Barrett and he was very positive in his approach. He didn’t candy-coat anything and was very honest and straightforward about his procedure. Believe it or not, after 1 treatment, my fingers are now straight and the bruising on the knuckles has been gone a long time. For the past 3 years, I have been having a problem with tendonitis in my right elbow and have had quite a few cortisone shots over the years to try and remedy the problem. They are no longer working anymore. I finally decided to revisit Dr. Barrett and was once again very satisfied. I’ve only had one treatment so far and while my elbow is still very sensitive, I know I will have to return for at least one more treatment. In the meantime, I am very happy to report that his recent treatment took away quite a bit of the inflammation and throbbing that was driving me crazy. I’m very fortunate to have met Dr. Barrett and would highly recommend him for any ailments you may have. They might not go away after 1 or 2 treatments like mine did, but Dr. Barrett’s approach and professionalism to resolving your problem is very honest and sincere and he puts you at ease while being very informative and helpful. I am actually looking forward to a 2nd visit regarding my elbow as I feel confident enough in Dr. Barrett’s ability. Keep up the good work!”

Treating Arthritis with Acupuncture and Cupping Therapy
Jazzmin, Age 44: “Dr. Barrett is the nicest man, I have going to him for about a year and I have never felt better! I have a lot of pain due to arthritis and he has helped me alleviate that so much! I recommend anyone seeing him for any kind of chronic pain. The office is clean and the office staff is friendly and professional. I look forward to my appointment every month.”

Treating Frozen Shoulder with Acupuncture and Cupping Therapy
Michelle, Age 48: “Dr. Barrett is a highly compassionate and devoted professional who has cared more about my health needs than I have. I had severe shoulder pain (“frozen shoulder”) that would interfere with sleep and work, but as a workaholic, I put aside my health concerns and cancelled appointments due to my late hours at work. Dr. Barrett generously accommodated my late work schedule and spent time explaining my diagnosis and my treatment plan, which included acupuncture, herbs, a change in my diet, and even exercises that really helped me regain strength in my shoulder and arm. So not only did he help reduce my pain through my visits, but he also taught me how to practice pain management and prevention on my own time. He would personally call me to see how I was feeling, displaying his genuine concern and compassion for his patients. I have continued seeking Dr. Barrett’s help for my medical concerns, and have referred my family members and co-workers, and will continue doing so. If you’re seeking a medical professional who is knowledgeable, experienced, and truly cares about his patients, call Dr. Barrett’s office!”

Treating Sciatica Pain with Acupuncture and Cupping Therapy
Ashley, Age 34: “An Excellent doctor! I have had 3 treatments with Dr. Barrett for my sciatica issue and now I feel much better and ready to return to work. Dr. Barrett is extremely knowledgeable explaining my diagnosis, kind, friendly, a good listener, patient and a very caring person. Also his staffs are extremely friendly and helpful to accommodate me with scheduling appointments.”

Treating Neck Pain with Acupuncture and Cupping Therapy
Brian, Age 54: “Dr. Barrett truly cares about his patients. From the moment I stepped into his office, I knew that I would be taken care of. I had hurt my neck during the summer and when I went to see Dr. Barrett, he and his staff took care of me in setting up a treatment plan. His flexible hours and the willingness of the staff to accommodate my schedule was great! Within a few treatments, I regained the motion in my neck and was able to move it. Now I am completely better and it is all because of Dr. Barrett!!!”

Treating Frozen Shoulder with Acupuncture and Cupping Therapy
Josh, Age 49: “Dr. Barrett is a highly qualified, compassionate and devoted professional who has cared more about my health needs than I have. I had severe shoulder pain (“frozen shoulder”) that would interfere with sleep and work, but as a workaholic, I put aside my health concerns and cancelled appointments due to my late hours at work.”

Treating Frozen Shoulder with Acupuncture and Cupping Therapy
Justin, Age 38: “Dr. Barrett generously accommodated my late work schedule and spent time explaining my diagnosis and my treatment plan, which included acupuncture, herbs, a change in my diet, and even exercises that really helped me regain strength in my shoulder and arm. So not only did he help reduce my pain through my visits, but he also taught me how to practice pain management and prevention on my own time. He would personally call me to see how I was feeling, displaying his genuine concern and compassion for his patients. I have continued seeking Dr. Barrett’s help for my medical concerns, and have referred my family members and co-workers, and will continue doing so. If you’re seeking a medical professional who is knowledgeable, experienced, and truly cares about his patients, call Dr. Barrett’s office!”

Treating Back Pain with Acupuncture and Cupping Therapy
Johnny, Age 42: “Late hours are awesome for after work and lunch time treatments. Been coming in to control my back pain with acupuncture. There is cheap parking off of 3rd and John Burns St – way cheaper than the Cedars-Sinai Parking!”

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Clinical Trials

Clinical Controlled Studies Demonstrate Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine are

97% Clinical Cure for Lower Back Injuries and Arthritic Pain
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Twice as Effective as Conventional Therapy Treating Soft Tissue Injuries and Chronic Lower Back Pain
Jiao Y. Acupuncture Research, 1991, 11(3-4):253-254. Haake, Et al., Arch Intern Med. 2007 Sep24;167(17):1892-8

Acupuncture and East-West Medicine 93.33% Effective Treating Neck Pain and Restoring Range Of Motion
Yi Jinke, Xu Yingle, Wang Wenke, Xu Penghui (2018) “Clinical effects of decoction combined acupuncture in treatment of sympathetic cervical spondylosis” Jilin Journal of Chinese Medicine Vol.38(8) pp. 966-968.

87% Clinical Cure of Neck Pain
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92% Clinical Cure for Carpal Tunnel
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Acupuncture and East-West Medicine 90% Effective in Relieving Pain from Disc Herniation and Chronic Lower Back Myofascial Pain.
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Acupuncture and East-West Medicine 95% Effective Treating Sciatica and Related Inflammation.
Li, L., Li, N. J., Xin, D. M. & Zhao, L. (2014). Tongbi Zhitong Decotion Combined with Acupuncture Treatment on 60 Patients with Sciatica of Nerve Roots. Chinese Journal of Experimental Traditional Medical Formulae. 20(20).

Acupuncture and East-West Medicine 92.4% Effective Treating Frozen Shoulder/Adhesive Capsulitis.
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Acupuncture and East-West Medicine 93% Effective Treating Migraines.
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Acupuncture and East-West Medicine 85.7% Effective Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis.
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Acupuncture and East-West Medicine 86.67% Effective Treating Carpal Tunnel Wrist Pain and Restoring Dexterity.
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Acupuncture and East-West Medicine 97% Effective Treating Heel Pain & Plantar Fasciitis
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Acupuncture with Chinese Herbs 84.4% Effective in Treating Sport Injuries
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Other studies show Acupuncture is twice as effective as physical therapy alone in healing soft tissue injuries including post operative wounds and scarring.

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Dr. Barrett's Comprehensive Functional Approach

Being a Primary Care Physician with over 20 years clinical experience, having trained in China and the U.S., and over 15 years on staff at Cedars Sinai, Dr. Barrett specializes in complex medical conditions.  With his Comprehensive Functional Approach to East-West Medicine that is supported by over 2,000 years of empirical, clinical evidence in writing and the advantages of modern scientific research, he is prepared to provide you with state-of-the-art treatments that are safe, natural, and self-sustaining.  Dr. Barrett will dedicate as much time as necessary to review with you, face to face, your complete medical history, all current medical concerns, a comprehensive treatment plan in terms of both Eastern and Western Medicine, and a self-sustainable Wellness Track™.

Dr Barrett’s Comprehensive Functional Approach to East-West Medicine treats your condition and the factors that caused your condition.  One advantage to Dr. Barrett’s approach is his skill developed in Traditional Diagnostic Methods based on Observation, Inquiry, and Palpation that many times can provide more clinical data than weeks of lab testing.  This allows same day diagnosis and treatments that can at times provide cures before lab data can be obtained.  Dr. Barrett offers comprehensive Acupuncture treatments with a functional medical approach for increased effectiveness. Dr. Barrett may offer you a custom herbal formula based on the wisdom and 2,000 years of written clinical evidence of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Dr. Barrett will discuss Diet & Nutrition and how to use food as medicine.  Based on his recently published book, Caveman Bodies in a Corporate Jungle, he will mentor you on managing the demands of your career, family life, lifestyle, workstyle, and how to maintain a positive attitude.  If necessary, he will discuss the benefits of genome medicine and Western forms of functional medicine.

Dr. Barrett performs annual physicals, orders blood tests, lab tests, DNA profiles, ultrasounds, x-rays, and MRIs.  With his office in the Century City Medical Plaza and being on staff at Cedars Sinai, his referral network includes some of the best physicians in Los Angeles.  Dr. Barrett understands western pharmaceuticals and their compatibility with herbal medicines. He can explain the nature of your disease through the eyes of both Western Medicine and Eastern Medicine. Whether you suffer from a serious disease, pain, or are simply trying to become pregnant, he can help. Seeing Dr. John Barrett means state of the art treatments and a most comprehensive functional approach to East-West Medicine.

Your Sustainable Wellness Track™

Even the best and the brightest can use guidance in achieving and maintaining new levels of wellness.  After treating your high priority health issues, Dr. Barrett recommends staying well with a personalized Wellness Track™ to address other health conditions.  This could mean improving digestion, sleep, relaxation, skin, vision, weight-loss, etc.

A Wellness Track™ carves out time for self-nourishment and time management to address your health and wellness.  A Wellness Track™ with Dr. Barrett will tap into the wisdom of his 35 years of global corporate and medical experience for mentoring, coaching, and motivating for lifestyle, work-style, and wellness enhancemets.  Given Dr. Barrett’s unique background, you can be sure his words of advice are from real life experiences and not a training manual or theoretical concepts.

A Wellness Track™ means a better quality life with longevity.  A Wellness Track™ can be as simple as one office visit a month for a health check, wellness goal setting, bench marking achievements, self-care instructions to achieve goals, an optional wellness treatment and/or customized wellness herbal formula.  A Wellness Track™ means staying on top of your game and achieving the most in life.

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Have Specific Questions About Your Injury or Pain?

Dr. Barrett specializes in difficult cases.  If you have any questions regarding your specific condition, use the links below to take advantage of Dr. Barrett’s FREE telephone consultaion.  He will be happy to answer any questions and help guide you to the best care possible.

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Caveman Bodies in a Corporate Jungle: How to stay healthy while excelling in a work environment

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