Relaxed vs. Stressed; Normal vs. Fight-or-Flight

The human body has two basic modes of operation: Normal and Fight-or-Flight.  Normal is when we are relaxed and enjoying the moment.  Fight-or-Flight is when we are stressed and not enjoying the moment.  When things are normal, our nervous system is relaxed and can focus on optimal health, healing and longevity.  When we are stressed our nervous system becomes focused on survival.  In focusing on survival, key essential health functions go dormant.  The more time we spend stressed out, the less our essential health functions are working.  If we are stressed out most of the time and our essential health functions are dormant most of the time, health problems will appear.  Living under such conditions with health problems will undermine our peace of mind and eventually lead to a state of anxiety.  If we live with anxiety most of the time, it will become more difficult to sleep and we may suffer from insomnia.  If we are anxious and not sleeping for a period of time, life will be miserable and we may become depressed. This is a downward spiral that does not have to happen and may be reversed quickly without medications or therapy with acupuncture and alternative medicine.

Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine as a Solution to Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia and Depression

As an acupuncturist in Los Angeles, I treat hundreds of these cases every year.  Although most people think I just practice acupuncture, I also prescribe herbal medicines, discuss healthy behavioral patterns and instruct patients on diet and exercises for stress management.  In doing so a patient may be restored to a normal state of mind in just one treatment.   Acupuncture and alternative medicine is affordable and can be more effective than medications in restoring your life to normal.

One of the most effective actions of acupuncture is to take the nervous system out of Fight-or-Flight.  This leaves the patient in a normal state and better able to deal with stress.  With herbs, healthy lifestyles, and diet this state can be maintained and the central nervous system can focus on optimal health, healing and longevity.

In addition to resolving stress, anxiety, insomnia, and depression acupuncture is also an affordable and very effective way to resolve any health issues that may have manifested during times of stress.  These include panic attacks, digestive problems; tension headaches; migraines; shoulder, neck and back pain; TMJ, acne, eczema, allergies, PMS and others.

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