(A blog post from The Acupuncture Wellness Center in Los Angeles)

The most frequently asked question at The Acupuncture Wellness Center in Los Angeles is “How does acupuncture work?”  The answer depends on what you are treating and that acupuncture needles do one of the following:

1.  Acupuncture needles affect the muscles and tissue that need treating directly.

2.  Acupuncture needles promote or inhibit specific functions of the central nervous system.

However, most recently many patients in Los Angeles have been asking about cupping therapy in addition to acupuncture as part of traditional Chinese medicine.  Cupping therapy in modern medicine is known as Negative Pressure Therapy and most times it is used forwound healing.  However, although cupping therapy utilizes negative pressure by creating a vacuum chamber, it has many more functions than just wound healing.  Traditional cupping therapy involved creating a vacuum in a glass globe (cup) by inserting a burning cotton ball soaked in alcohol.  However, at The Acupuncture Wellness Center we use a more modern form of cupping therapy where the cups are plastic and the vacuum is created via a pump mechanism that is attached to a valve on the cup.  Modern cupping therapy with a pump avoids the possibility of the glass breaking and offers more control over the strength of the suction.  Cupping therapy with a pump is more effective, efficient and convenient.  Cupping therpay is done by placing the cup over the focal point to treat and pumping air out to cause suction or pulling on the skin and superficial tissue.  This suction or negative pressure can do any of the following:

  1. Cupping Therapy increases circulation
  2. Cupping Therapy increases lymphatic drainage
  3. Cupping Therapy mobilizes soft tissue and joints
  4. Cupping Therapy safely breaks up myofascial adhesions
  5. Cupping Therapy increases fat metabolism in targeted areas

By increasing circulation, increasing lymphatic drainage, mobilizing soft tissue and breaking up myofascial adhesions cupping therapy can effectively

  1. Reduce Pain
  2. Treat allergies
  3. Treat acne
  4. Treat other skin disorders
  5. Reduce a fever
  6. Eliminate symptoms of a common cold
  7. Reduce swelling and edema
  8. Treat acute paralysis
  9. Increase range of motion
  10. Accelerate post surgical healing
  11. Accelerate healing from injuries
  12. Target Body Contouring for Targeted Body Regions

Cupping therapy can be used in conjunction with acupuncture needles or on its own. For those people who are needle phobic, cupping therapy can be a viable alternative therapy.

It is my hope that this blog will answer any questions you may have if you are seeking cupping therapy as a form of traditional Chinese medicine in conjunction with or as an alternative for acupuncture.  Look out for more blogs from The  Acupuncture Wellness Center in Los Angeles, or call our friendly staff at 310-277-7179 and make your appointment today.  Se habla espanol.