In Part 1 of this series I mentioned that the most frequently asked question at The Acupuncture Wellness Center is how does acupuncture work? I further mentioned that the answer depends on what you are treating and that acupuncture needles do one of the following:

1. Acupuncture Needles affect the muscles and tissue that need treating directly
2. Acupuncture needles promote or inhibit specific functions of the central nervous system.
In the case of treating migraine head aches with acupuncture, some needles will be inserted superficially on the head, neck and shoulders where most of the pain is felt directly. This will help relax any hypertonic muscles via the trigger point release mechanism as discussed in Part 1. Relaxing muscles and tissue with acupuncture facilitates circulation to the brain. Increasing circulation to the brain helps migraine pain and related halos of vision to subside.

Since migraine head aches and related symptoms such as halos tend to return with stress and anxiety, other acupuncture needles will be placed strategically to relax the central nervous system taking it out of the stress mode and putting it into the mode of optimal homeostasis. This allows the muscles and tissues to stay relaxed long term and assures essential circulation to the brain on an ongoing basis.

Combined with herbal prescriptions, therapeutic exercises, stress management and dietary suggestions, acupuncture can offer a lasting, natural and drug free cure for migraine headaches. In light of the complaints patients state from the pharmaceutical drugs for migraines, acupuncture treatments can be life changing.

Hopefully for anyone suffering from migraine headaches this blog will help build your confidence that acupuncture is the way to go. Look out for more blogs from The Acupuncture Wellness Center on “How does acupuncture work?” Or call our friendly staff at 310-277-7179 and make your appointment today. Se habla espanol.